Fox Himmeli (Copper)

Fox Himmeli (Copper)


The himmeli, a traditional Finnish holiday decoration made out of straw, remains popular today. We take a closer look at the ornament’s many forms and talk to himmeli maker Eija Koski.

Although the root of the word “himmeli” is Germanic – in Swedish and German himmel means “sky” or “heaven” – and different versions of this straw mobile can be found in other Nordic countries, the himmeli is considered the quintessential traditional Finnish Christmas decoration.


The fox himmeli is a simple, elegant prism.  It pairs elegantly with an airplant but makes an equal statement without a plant companion.

Be sure to choose between a cling hook or a hanging variety for the display of this item.  If no choice is made, it will be shipped without the cling hook.

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