We want to make your event dreams into a reality.

We specialize in the odd and beautiful.  Do you have a particular flower in mind?  I will find it for you and make it the star.  Do you have an archway that you just NEED? I'm here for you, girlfriend, and I will build it too.  I love an event that has absolutes and I love figuring out the details and making it happen.

I also thrive in a situation where I have free reign.  I have studied and worked with plants and flowers for most of my life and have a particularly keen eye for modern design.  Let's set up a meeting and talk about your vision for your next event!  I want to hear all about it!



Custom Orders // Requests

Do you have an idea that we can make come to life?  That's our specialty.  Shoot us an email at or fill out our contact form above to get started.  We love new things!

[Lighted Lily Terrarium Centerpieces (top left) made for a MN bride]

[Kokedamas (right) made specially for the Worker B shop in the Mall of America]

[Plant Styling (first photo gallery below) for LionHEART Collective brand photo shoot]

[Planters (second photo gallery below) created for Arvold Landscaping and the Minneapolis Home and Garden Tiny House Village]